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Tamil Nadu history

BENNY QUICK. Benny Quick was someone very important who has helped to shape the Tamil Nadu of today, and south Indians call him "The Angel of Tamil Nadu". He came to India from the UK during the reign of the British Empire. He and his wife loved the country, but were very impacted by the poverty , drought, and the suffering of the people. When he returned to the United Kingdom, he implored the British Government to invest money in the building of a dam, which would store precious water during the rainy seasons, and help to irrigate the farming lands which struggled to produce crops to feed the people. The Government, which invested much money in railways, schools and hospitals in India said no. He asked again. Still the British Government was not interested. Because he felt so strongly that this was something which must be done, Benny Quick sold his own lands in the UK, his properties, and even his wife's jewellery, and with some support from friends, raised the money to start the building of the dam himself. After many years and many difficulties the building was completed, and its effects were instant and far-reaching.The dam still stands strong today and recently even a film was made about it in India.The dam can be seen today as a tribute to the compassion and determination of one man.

Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael was a young missionary "sent out" by the Keswick Missionary Society in the 19th century. She initially felt her calling was to Japan, and she spent several fruitful years there, before ill health caused her to go for recuperation to a mission in China, then she was finally led by the Lord to South India via Sri Lanka.                                                                                                     In Tirunelveli God brought the Walker family to her, also UK missionaries, and they preached in many temple towns in the south. One day she became aware of a little girl who had been "sold to the Gods" in one of the Hindu temples. This was the start of a burden that the Lord laid on her heart for rescuing children, and even babies, who were being sold by desperate mothers to the Temple, and the evils that were hidden there. Amy founded The Dohnavur Fellowship in the village of Dohnavur in South India in 1901. The first child was called Pearleyes. 30 years later the fellowship was caring for 900 children.                                                    The fellowship was run soley by Amy, Christian volunteers and young Indian girls and women who loved the Lord, and funded by donations from all over the world. They never once asked for money, but relied on the provision of our amazing Heavenly Father.Over the years money was provided for the building of a hospital , which could not only treat the sick babies and children, but also give care and show Gods love to the nearby Hindu and Muslim communities.                        Amy never returned to the UK, and spent the last 50 years of her life serving God and the Indian people. She wrote many books which have been read all over the world, and the Dohnavur Fellowship still stands and continues it work today. There are now laws prohibiting the selling of children to Hindu temples, though of course, as in every area of the world, unGodly things still happen in secret.  

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